Chef Sian Bressolles pays tribute to her farming roots, supports local produce and sustainable farming bringing Nose-to-tail dining to Oxenford. A less wasteful philosophy of not wasting any part of the animal. In return, this approach to eating pays dividends for customers as the menu constantly evolves depending on what remains of the beast.

Join us for real food using sustainable ingredients.


“Opening Black Sheep Bistro in 2013 I never thought of how many lives we would become apart of, this has been the highlight of my hospitality career.”

– Sian Bressolles, Owner/Chef

“Being a customer of BSB for 7 years before working here I love and understand the joy in every customer. From the first bite and the amazing flavors new customers discover to the comfort and consistency the regulars come to enjoy. It could be breakfast with the family catching up with friends or sitting on the bench alone watching the world go by, everyone is farewelled by Sian hollering from the kitchen which is what makes you feel apart of the BSB family!”

– Tricia Holden, Restaurant Manager

Photo of Tricia Holden, restaurant manager at Black Sheep Bistro, Oxenford, Gold Coast QLD

Joshua Gordon (2nd Year Apprentice Chef)

“I love cooking and providing top quality food that puts a smile on everyone’s face, ensuring they leave happy and satisfied with their 5 star dining experience at the one and only Black Sheep Bistro.”

Ella Dobson (Junior Barista)

“I love working at BSB because of the beautiful people i work with – they make me enjoy working there and I always have a joke with them. They have all taught me so much within the 2 years I have worked there and I could not wish for a better team. The locals are some of the nicest people I have ever met, they always are willing to have a chat. BSB is definitely a second family I never want to lose.”

Anisha Howell (Junior Barista)

“The amount of locals I have met while working at BSB is crazy they all have such different personalities and it has reminded me why I love and joined hospitality. I have created such amazing bonds with my co workers and couldn’t imagine working anywhere else.”

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